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What can we say, we love design that merges function in a perfect union.  We ride, we suffer, and we ride again. On occasion something bugs us, it lacks function, fit, durability, whatever. Then we ride and think about it, we dream about it, we fixate on it…then it really bugs us! Then we find a better solution.  

At Rocket44 we don’t pigeonhole ourselves into one product category, if there is a product that is crying out for more innovation it is calling out for us!  

After years of designing for all types of industries and all types of products, it is our time, it is time for Rocket44.

BONK, the new Supplement / Energy Gel Integrated Hydration System by Rocket44™ Patent Pending

BONK features a traditional water bladder and a unique supplement bladder combined into one system with two hoses that merge into one at the chest-mounted BONK dial. You want refreshing water? Dial it in. You need fuel? Dial it in. It’s that simple.

Rocket Packs

Where to begin?  Ergonomic design for the cycling position (not standing…duh), 3D EVA formed construction, tool pod, water resistant, lots of pockets, and a harness construction design that holds it to your body…no more bouncy bouncy.   

Apollo Series Pumps

Aluminum construction, dual piston, high pressure / high volume switch, and flush mounted gauge on select models.  Yeah the function is there, plus we think they look pretty darn cool.  Go Rocket!