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Amazing Mountain Biking with ride-to single track that offers countless miles of nirvana.  Not to mention a short drive gets you even deeper into the wooded mountains.

Then of course is our own Team Rocket crew!  Out there spreading the love….and a little pain!

Have you heard of the US Pro Challenge? That’s right, Fort Collins is one of the stages. Soooooo cool!!

That’s right, Fort Collins is the birthplace of New Belgium Brewery, and with that, the Tour de Fat!!  Crazy Fun!!  Oh yeah, there is also BEER!!

Major Cyclocross events draw national talent. Yeah, we have some very hardcore cyclists around here.

Road Biking - flats, hills, mountains, plains, paved, dirt – all in one day! Really, the options are sick, let your mood decide and just go.

PLATINUM Bicycle Friendly Community, Awarded May 2013

“A bicycle culture is key in defining the fabric of what makes Fort Collins a great place to live, work and play. We know it is a primary means of transportation for many, a major form of recreation for most, and a significant factor in attracting new businesses and new residents,” stated Mayor Weitkunat. “Our City works alongside many community organizations to build a seamless bikeway network and ensure a safe cycling community. We are proud to accept this Platinum designation. Bicycling is a community value and a way of life in Fort Collins.”


Here we are, nestled in the foothills of Colorado, in Fort Collins. Bicycling heaven, as you can see below.  A very nice place to live, love, and ride.

We have designed, marketed, sold, and manufactured countless products both in the cycling world and in various consumer product segments.  Changing back and forth between industries has been great experience, but it showed us one thing - we LOVE the bicycle industry.  The people, the sport, the attitudes, the vibe, and of course the product.

So a few of us got together with the goal of starting something fresh, something that was ours. Not an easy task on any level.  Not sacrificing our autonomy and creative control to investors was top of the list.  So it took a while longer, but it is our baby now.  

We work hard on our relationships with customers, dealers, employees and suppliers.  We don’t take it lightly.  We are a different kind of company, one that values our employees’ lives, and lifestyle.  Our experience has taught us that it’s always “bottom up” – there’s no way to make your customers happy if your company is not.  

We picked manufacturers that have a strong track record in each category, and ones we have a relationship with.  BONK is produced by a manufacturer that has made millions of hydration systems, our pump manufacturer makes pumps for most of the top brands, and the bag manufacturer makes high end backpacks for top brands.  They were chosen on quality and reliability, not price.  Crazy talk, we know!!   

Well this is just the beginning, we have dozens of products waiting to be born - all it takes is money right?!  So let’s get down to business so we can grow this thing, have fun, and be something extraordinary.