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The Jet Pack 2.0 backpack offers the most versatility of the fleet.  Streamlined for speed, but yet a surprisingly deep cargo hold makes it the first choice for most missions.  The smooth aero design doesn’t snag on low hanging branches and sheds water and mud, keeping your gear safe and dry inside.    

The capacity is perfect for a complete set of layers for those days that start or end on a deep space freeze, with enough room left for that all important PB&J. (Seriously, is there anything better than topping out on an epic climb after several hours riding, whipping out your PB&J as you watch your friends suffer the last 100 yards to where you sit eating it…NO!)

Yeah it has a lot of features….are we obsessed?…maybe.


BONK Compatible
The Jet Pack 2.0 features an opening large enough to accommodate the dual hydration tubes of the Rocket44 BONK Hydration system, allowing these tubes to pass from inside the bag to the exterior strap.


Air-Flow is Rocket44’s ergonomic back interface system.  Most other packs are designed around a person standing straight up, which is a completely different profile than a back in a riding position.  Air-Flow utilizes molded EVA (high density foam) that is laminated with a heavy duty Lycra material and ergonomically shaped to distribute loads better and minimize pack movement. There is also a pattern of raised bumps and air channels between them to allow 360 degree airflow, helping to keep you cool and dry.

BONK Compatible: YES

Ultra Ergo Harness: YES

Removable Waist Strap: YES

Tool Organization Compartment: YES

Phone/MP3 Pocket: YES

Double stitched reinforcement: YES

Body Material: 1680 Ballistic Nylon

Compression Straps: YES

Buckles: Dura-Flex

Air-Flow: YES

Air-Hump: YES

Water Resistant Zippers: YES

Zippers: YES

Custom Hardware: YES

Webbing Carry Handle: YES

Custom Hardware: YES

MSRP $129.99 US


The Air-Hump adds protection for your gear by providing a semi rigid shell over exterior parts of the pack.  The aero profile waterproof molded EVA (high density foam) is laminated with a heavy duty Lycra, which prevents branches from snagging your pack as you ride under.  It also sheds water and mud, keeping you and your gear clean and protected.

Ultra Ergo Harness

The Ultra Ego Harness system provides superior ergonomics to traditional harness systems.  The Air-Flow straps adjust in length from inside of the pack so that any size person can get the perfect fit.  Our elegant and unique design eliminates the need for sternum strap adjustment.  The straps comfortably curve toward the center of the chest, providing complete unrestricted arm and shoulder movement.  This complete system holds the pack in place and prevents shifting, while being extremely comfortable to wear.   

Tool Organization Compartment

Jet Pack 2.0’s compartmentalized tool and accessory pocket provides 6 medium-small stretch mesh pockets and one large stretch mesh pocket for securing and organizing all your little stuff.  External access makes easy to get at these items without having to deal with multiple straps and buckles. Everything is covered in waterproof EVA and secured with a water resistant zipper, to keep your stuff dry and safe.   

Removable Waist Strap

For those of you who spend more time in the air and want that little bit of extra security, we include a removable webbed waist strap. If you hug the ground, simply snap it off and enjoy the freedom.

Phone / MP3 Pocket and Side Pockets

An easy external access pocket with a water resistant zipper keeps your expensive gear safe and at hand.

Additionally, there are two Quick Access side pockets (one on each side) for whatever you don’t want to have to go digging for:  Wallet, Glasses, Arm Warmers, Courage……whatever.

Body Material: 160 Ballistic Nylon

Ballistic Nylons are the Mack Daddy of pack materials.  Super durable and cut resistant, this material is designed for abuse for the long haul and laminated on the inside for water resistant protection to boot. If Special Forces were to specify a pack material, this would be it.   

Compression Straps

Compression straps on our bags do double duty.  They of course compress the load inside of the bag to keep gear from shifting around, but they also serve as a backup closure for the main compartment.   If anything happened to the zippers, our straps act as a backup system, keeping the bag closed so your gear stays inside.

Water Resistant Zippers

Water resistant zippers are used on ALL exterior zipper openings.  Why?  Because this is the real world, you never know when you are going to ride through a stream, a mud pit, be rained on, or have a moose spit on you.  There is not time to throw on a waterproof cover thingy, there is only time to ride.

Custom Hardware

Yeah, we love our logo (don’t you?), but there is more to it than that.  The rubber pulls are easy to grab and pull, wet or dry, they don’t clang against each other scaring the bunnies, and, okay, they look cool.  

We use Dura-Flex TM buckles in all critical areas.  Not all buckles are created equal, and we take no chances, so we only source the best.