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BONK Patent Pending

On the path to discovering new limits, your body can only take so much; it needs fuel, and lots of it. Supplements are a great addition to water, but they can be messy and inconvenient when traversing the backside of a mountain or climbing a serious grade. Of course, you could ride with two completely separate hydration solutions – one for pure water and one for supplement  or energy gel – but who wants to carry two bottles, bladders, or stop in the middle of a ride to mess with wrappers?

Welcome to BONK, the new Supplement / Energy Gel Integrated Hydration System by Rocket44™ BONK features both a traditional water bladder and a unique supplement bladder combined into one system with two hoses that merge into one at the chest-mounted BONK dial. You want refreshing water? Dial it in. You need fuel? Dial it in. It’s that simple.


Supplement Bladder
The 15 ounce Supplement Bladder features an integrated flow design that pulls water from the water bladder though a one-way valve and then mixes with the supplement of your choice (gel, powder, or tablets). A large, ergonomic opening allows easy filling of water and supplement to “load” the system, and makes for easy cleaning.

Water Bladder
The Water Bladder has a plastic hook for hanging the system in your pack and holds 85 ounces of water. A large, ergonomic opening allows easy filling of water and makes for easy cleaning. Both bladders are BPA free and tasteless.

Water Bladder: 85 oz

Supplement Bladder: 15 oz

Weight: 1 lbs. (453 g)

Length: 16.53” (420mm)

Width: 9” (230mm)

Bite Valve: Included


Anti-Microbial: YES

MSRP $59.99 US


Two Tubes – One Solution
One tube carries pure water while another tube carries your supplement mix. The two merge as one at the BONK Dial, where you get to choose from the two. When you need pure, refreshing water, that’s what you get. When you need a boost that only supplements can offer, that’s what you get.

Chest mounted BONK Dial rotates to switch between pure water and your favorite energy supplement – on the fly. The dial includes both a pin attachment and a clip attachment, so it works on just about any pack.

Splitter with One-Way Valve
Fresh water from the water bladder is pulled through a one-way valve to the supplement bladder to help mix your supplement to ensure none is wasted and your body absorbs the full benefit.