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BONK Patent Pending

On the path to discovering new limits, your body can only take so much; it needs fuel, and lots of it. Supplements are a great addition to water, but they can be messy and inconvenient when traversing the backside of a mountain or climbing a serious grade. Of course, you could ride with two completely separate hydration solutions – one for pure water and one for supplements or energy gel– but who wants to carry two bottles, bladders, or stop in the middle of a ride to mess with wrappers?

Welcome to BONK, the new Supplement / Energy Gel Integrated Hydration System by Rocket44™. BONK features both a traditional water bladder and a unique supplement bladder combined into one system with two hoses that merge into one at the chest-mounted BONK dial. You want refreshing water? Dial it in. You need fuel? Dial it in. It’s that simple.


Apollo Series mini pumps are made from Series 6000 aluminum for lightweight, long-term durability, feature AutoHead technology allowing them to adjust for both Presta and Schrader valves, and delivers with a dual piston system that provides just the right type of air pressure for your situation. The Apollo I mini pump fits on your bike, in your pack, glove compartment, or tool box, while the Apollo II and Apollo III feature an inset gauge that displays both PSI and Bar pressure standards. With an Apollo Series mini pump from Rocket44, you’re ready for whatever the path may bring.


The Jet Pack 2.0 backpack offers the most versatility of the fleet.  Streamlined for speed, but yet a surprisingly deep cargo hold makes it the first choice for most missions.  The smooth aero design doesn’t snag on low hanging branches, sheds water and mud, and keep your gear inside where it is safe and dry.  

The capacity is perfect for a complete set of layers for those days that start or end on a deep space freeze. Enough room left for that all important PB&J. (seriously, is there anything better than topping out on an epic climb after several hours riding, whipping out your PB&J as you watch your friends suffer the last 100 yards to where you sit eating it…NO).

Yeah it has a lot of features….obsessed…maybe.